Juventus’ Emre Can ‘shocked’ at Champions League omission

Juventus midfielder Emre Can states he is”shocked” in being left out of the club’s Champions League squad and has suggested he will look for a move away in the Italian winners in January.
May made 37 appearances for Juventus last season but also has found his opportunities after Aaron Ramsey and Adrien Rabiot’s advent this summer.
Can was a surprise omission in the club’s 22-man squad for the Champions League this season and the German claims he would have pushed away from the team for a movement had he known he’d be left out from Maurizio Sarri.
“I’m not in the group for the Champions League which shocked me because I was assured otherwise weekly,” Can told Sky at Germany.
“Hence I wouldn’t have remained at Juventus, since it was the main condition for me to be part of the Champions League squad.
“it is a deep shock for me personally and I cannot understand it. Last year I played from the Champions League. There has not been any explanation.
“Juventus phoned me the phone call was less than one minute and they told me”You aren’t in the squad.
“I need to play from the Champions League, I Wish to play in the Champions League. When I’m back, I will talk to the club and then we will see what happens.”

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