WWE star Kevin Owens to return to NXT following SmackDown firing?

Kevin Owens’ dismissal from the SmackDown employees on Tuesday night could result in his career going full circle – .
To recap the narrative: Shane McMahon added himself as an substitute at the King of the Ring semi-final for Elias, that was forced to withdraw at the last minute due to an ankle injury.
McMahon was a virtuoso functionality out of Owens because he did everything within his power.
Rapid-fire counts for McMahon snare efforts were balanced out by glacial-slow equivalents for Gable’s, but Owens was helpless to stop the bell from ringing after Gable wrapped McMahon up with a specially beautiful-looking Kurt Angle-inspired foot lock (with additional grapevine) and that he duly tapped.
The net result of this is while Owens will be seeking new employment that Gable will face Baron Corbin from the King of the Ring, an outcome delivered right by an sweating and exhausted McMahon to his face.
It is a similar scenario where a reduction to McMahon would have meant the end of the WWE career to this one that presented itself to Owens at SummerSlam.
The very exact points made then are still relevant today. That with WWE having stakes in independent promotions, a unique’travel back into the time’ type story can be told within a few months and comprising a wide variety of places and situations never before seen by the mainstream WWE audience.
Where Owens was a champion for five years at 2015 after a profession on the indies that can be categorized as dazzling but it may just be a return to NXT.
If any sign of such a move was demanded, it came in the form of Owen’s post-SmackDown tweet, which simply read:”14-24-20″. N is the 14th letter of the alphabet, X is the 24th and is the 20th. NXT it will be, then.
And that should anticipate Owens in NXT than a person against whom and together with whom he enjoyed some of his greatest moments?
Adam Cole has been a rival of Owens – then Kevin Steen – in Ring of Honor and Professional Wrestling Guerrilla and the pair remain good friends to this day.
Cole currently finds herself as the holder of the world title and the best singles champion in NXT, together with his Undisputed Era faction.
Could that extend to Owens, that is – at least in storyline terms – a free agent, not to mention a name, at the same time NXT is going to debut on network television from the United States?

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