NBA ban ‘ninja-style’ headwear for the 2019-20 season

NBA players will soon likely be banned from sporting”ninja-style” headwear throughout the 2019-20 year amid security issues.
The headbands have generated controversy among some NBA teams due to the loose ties over the trunk of the design.
“Teams have increased concerns regarding safety and consistency of size, length, and how they are tied, which demands a comprehensive review before thought of any rule change,” said NBA spokesman Mike Bass.
High profile players such as Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat and Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves have sported the headwear within the past year.
“When a few players began wearing them last season, we did not need to cause a disturbance by intervening midseason, but we informed our teams in May they would not be part of the year’s uniforms,” said Bass.
“The ninja-style headwear isn’t part of the NBA uniform and has not been through the league acceptance procedure.”
Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin advised the NBA’s choice on Twitter.
“I love that someone in the NBA had to form the phrases’ninja-style hardware’ (sic) and’consistency of size and length’ because their occupation today,” Griffin posted.
Participants were made conscious of the NBA’s conclusion however details of the length and size of the headband will be discussed with the NBA Competition Committee, until an official principle change is made.

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