The Narrative

Some fans were amazed to find that the Cubs top Bovada’s chances, and I hope even more will think the Dodgers at number two is interested. We don’t have years of subtle hints, personal connections, and conspiracy theories to link Harper with Los Angeles, just like we did with Chicago. Nonetheless, there are a few dots here worth linking.
The most evident (or, at least, the most recent) came last August. Following the Non-Waiver Trade Deadline at July, Major League Baseball teams have the month of August to exchange players that pass through waivers. These are referred to as revocable waivers, as if a player is maintained, the team that possesses his rights is allowed to pull back him.
When a participant is maintained in August, the asserting team has 48 hours to attempt to strike a deal with the team. It is basically a formality for every player to be put on waivers in August, understanding teams may revoke them at any stage. However, fans on the internet were over Twitter when it had been reported that the puzzle team to have put a claim on Bryce Harper was none aside from the Los Angeles Dodgers.
No deal was attained between the Dodgers and the Nats, and it is completely possible the Dodgers only made the claim to keep Harper from going to a different National League competition. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to view the near-move as anything apart from a indication of interest from the team with the deepest pockets in baseball.
That final line is important, as it plays into the narrative for Harper-to-LA also. The Dodgers are the Yankees of the West Coast (and, in fact, likely have more cash to spend than the Evil Empire). Ever since a possession group such as Magic Johnson acquired the Dodgers in 2012 for a staggering $2.15 billion, the Dodgers have flexed their fiscal might over the rest of the baseball world.
Let’s also not forget among Harper’s largest”flaws,” his rooting interests in Duke, the Cowboys, and yes, the Los Angeles Lakers. Playing in L.A. for a team owned by the greatest player in Lakers history must appeal to him on some level, even though it will not end up being the most important factor.
There are loads of links to make with Harper and the Nationals, Cubs, and Yankees, however more often than not, free agents tend to stick to the cash. If the Dodgers are inclined to pay whatever it costs to sign Harper, then it is difficult to envision another team topping them. That is storyline sufficient for them to be considered firmly in the combination.

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