It is for us a very valuable experience, approximating to the world of startups and new technologies.

KNF proceedings will not be able to last longer than six months from the time of such control orders. The law states that if a controlled entity will threaten to obstruct the proceedings can fine of up to 500 thousand. zł or imprisonment up to two years. The new regulations stipulate the maximum level of interest for the delay. In the year they will not be able to exceed six times the amount they NBP lombard. Also introduced the definition of non-interest expenses. As pointed out by Klein have been limited, so that companies do not maximize the other costs. As noted by the so-called. rollover loans led to a “dramatic” borrowing especially poor people.

Non-interest expenses for the loan will be considered all the costs associated with a loan, excluding interest. The amount of interest costs of credit is to be calculated depending on, among others, the period for which the loan was taken and the size of the loan, on the basis of a special wzoru.zobacz also antylichwiarska Act: Consumers safer on the market »Act antylichwiarska accepted. Consumers will be better protected »Law antylichwiarska higher consumer protection» Ministry of Finance: The consumer is the most important. Act antylichwiarska improved »Borrowers will also have the right to repay the loan without interest in the case, if the lender exceeds the statutory limit non-interest expenses. New regulations have prevented such as in the case aferom Amber Gold. According to the indictment in the period 2009-12 within the framework of the so-called. financial pyramid cheated nearly 19 thousand. clients, leading them to the negative regulation of property in the amount of nearly 851 million zł.

Work on the so-called. Law antylichwiarską accompanied by controversy regarding alleged lobbying pressure from loan companies. In turn, the company blamed the unconstitutionality of certain provisions of the Act. With the proposed amendments to the Law on Broadcasting (i.e., Journal of Laws of 2011 no. 43, pos.

226 as amended.) Are dissatisfied both broadcasters and operators. They present their own ideas – but mutually exclusive. As for the application of the rules must-carry and must-offer. In the most simple terms is that the sender is currently 7 programs must be made available free of charge to operators (ie including kablówkom). Those, in turn, must offer them to its customers.

Currently, this applies to channels TVP1, TVP 2, regional program distributed by TVP and Polsat addition, TVN, TV4 and TV Puls. Ministry of Culture and National Heritage proposes to reduce the statutory list of only two public television programs. Would gain more freedom for the National Broadcasting Council, taking into account the public interest which could extend the list in the Regulation. TV for each source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna two camps This proposal sparked a flurry of objections. We strongly protests TV Puls, which is not surprising, since the presence in the list of positive effect on viewership. “There is no need to (…), to the hands of the executive body, which is the National Broadcasting Council, even the position in the field of constitutional law, provide virtually discretionary powers for determining the programs under the responsibility of distributing” – says the president of writing TV Puls Dariusz Dąbski to Minister Margaret Omilanowskiej culture.

Dąbski also stresses that each broadcaster, whose program would be distributed in accordance with these principles should be entitled to reasonable remuneration. For maintaining the current functioning of the model it is also nc + (belonging to ITI Neovision), though for entirely different reasons. Company officials stress that the transfer of additional powers of the National Broadcasting Council may end disastrously for the operators. The National Council for the Regulation could change. And that would also mean changing the retail offer operators. For example, if the program has been removed from the list, and the sender does not agree to make it available to the operator concerned he would not be able to provide it to their customers, even if signing an agreement with them, assured that it is otherwise. “This raises the risk of huge losses for operators (…) The law lacks provisions protecting entities required to distribute the program must carry from the potential impact of changes in this field on the stability of their relationships with subscribers,” – says the position nc +. What is the answer? “When the program is removed from the list, should not be a basis for termination of the contract by the subscriber” – explain the representatives of spółki.zobacz: Advertising leveraged trade?

Slightly sprained »Tele5 too little Europe» Advertise bad food disappear from children’s programs »VOD: Internet users do not want to pay for content» Payer wanted Interestingly, partially agrees with this argument NBC. Its president Jan Dworak in a letter to the minister Omilanowskiej points out that the rules should clarify, among others, in such a way that does not surprise business changes too often. For this purpose, a list of the programs under the must-carry rule should be changed as seldom as possible, eg. Every 5 years. Changes supports for TVP. It is believed, however, that they can perform better. And calls for a statutory list of mandatory programs provided included not only TVP 1 and TVP 2, but also TVP Info, TVP ABC, TVP Kultura and TVP Historia.

At the same time protesting against the principle of ‘free (in accordance with the proposed Article. 43 paragraph. 5 party distribution channels through the telecommunications network and broadcaster under the responsibility of distribution do not charge for). In other words: TVP wants to make the most of its programs were necessarily shared by operators and that operators paid for it. However, you pay no mind.

What’s more – they want to get it paid the sender. “The main group of beneficiaries must-carry rules are broadcasters (…) whose programs are gaining increased coverage and visibility, without incurring additional costs,” – said in comments to the project UPC Poland. The Company believes that it should be able to collect fees from the broadcasters. – It’s absurd – says the press office of TVP. How to explain the Woronicza, the main beneficiary of the current system are the operators who receive free opportunity to expand its programming. Draft amendments to various positions entrepreneurs Experts are not surprised. – Matter to be highly controversial. For a simple reason: concrete legal solutions support the strike or specific entities, both public and private – says Dr. Eligiusz Krześniak, a partner at the law firm Squire Patton Boggs Święcicki Krześniak.

It emphasizes that the introduction of such legislation requires a fair regulatory impact assessment (RIA), which in Polish practice, unfortunately, too often reduced to a mechanical tick next point to attend. Justification bill is silent on the consequences, unfortunately – marks. Stage Design legislative arrangements The first edition RBL_START focused mainly on an open area of ​​banking. Of the approximately 100 applicants from around the world selected 8 start-ups, have completed a program lasting 15 weeks accelerator. As a result, we are working on pilot projects with selected startups. In addition, the bank has decided to invest 4 million in one of the start-up accelerator – PayPo.

In the second edition RBL_START greatly expanded the areas of exploration. In response to the needs of its customers and individual business units of the bank this time are sought solutions to extract the data from various sources and advanced analysis of collected data with regard to predictive analysis. Accelerator will also focus on services that increase customer loyalty and commitment and allow for offering financial products and non-contact across multiple channels. The Bank is not limited to traditional distribution channels – are welcome any ideas for using the channels in which the financial offer was previously unavailable. Accelerator also wants to acquire companies in the area of ​​security and identity verification in remote channels. – We want to create new products together with start-ups and industry FinTech InsureTech. Own program accelerator allows us to build this cooperation in the most effective manner for both the bank and the companies involved – explains Kamila Wincenciak, Director.

Partnerships with FinTech Alior BankuW within the accelerator qualified start-ups will be able to verify the accepted business model in cooperation with experts from the Alior Bank and PZU – the main partner of the program. In addition, participants will get a chance to develop a business case studies of potential projects with partners, which at this point are .: IBM, Microsoft and law firm Linklaters. Soon to be joined another company. During the program, each of the start-ups will be able to test their solutions with customers using the research facilities which has a bank, and also receive access to the Portal and Open API Developers Alior Bank. Solutions will be accelerated if necessary verified for legal and have access to the FSA regulatory sandbox.

RBL_START, for the duration of the program, also guarantees a place to work at the headquarters building in Warsaw RBL_ Spire.RBL_START is also an opportunity for start-ups to gain funding. Recently appointed RBL_VC investment team verifies each company in terms of investment potential and explore possibilities for further cooperation. After the first edition of Alior Bank has decided to acquire 20% stake in one of the start-ups – PayPo and does not preclude further inwestycji.- We believe that partnerships with start-ups will allow us to change our business grow faster and offer banking in directions consistent with expectations customer and market trends. We have our own program accelerator and investment fund launched a portal for developers, which can be used start-ups from the accelerator. We have both the experience and the appropriate facilities and tools for the effective implementation of joint projects. Our aim is to establish cooperation with 20 entities by 2020 and will be the first choice partner for start-ups – said Marcin Jaszczuk, Vice President of Alior Bank.

RBL_START looking for companies whose solutions belong to the areas identified by Alior Bank, PZU or the recruitment criteria and those that are least prepared MVP of its product. You can apply to the program start-ups from around the world, provided that their founders will be able to participate in the accelerator in Warsaw. – PZU As we are a partner of the second edition of the accelerator startups RBL_Start. It is for us a very valuable experience, approximating to the world of startups and new technologies. Within each year, PZU implement several pilot projects in collaboration with startupami and accelerator RBL_START is a very important source of establishing such relations. We hope that the second edition of the program will allow teams to know with whom will establish lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation – says Bartek Kwieciński, Managing Director.

Digital Channels and CRM PZU. – As part of the accelerator RBL_START particularly keen to understand your startup in the area of ​​the wider financial sector and open banking. We are also open to the startups of the three main areas of research innovation in PZU – and thus from the use of large data sets (big data), digitization of processes and new interactions with customers, including the digital channel – summarizes the representative of PZU. Recruitment to the second edition of RBL_START will last until May 12, the accelerator itself will last from June to November and will end DemoDay, during which the participants will present their solutions in front of potential investors and partners. More information is available on the website dedicated accelerator. Although the increase in salaries for teachers by approx. 5 percent. It is to take place from April still not known whether state money secured for this purpose (1.2 billion zł in 2018). are sufficient.

And that bodes ill for the whole, rozpisanemu for three years, the program increases, according to which the salaries of teachers by 2020. Will increase by almost 16 percent. Inflaming the dispute. Today he has come to the meeting of the government and self-serving on the Joint Commission. Local stewards pushing for the Ministry of National Education (MEN), presented to the realistic calculations of even the status of full-time teachers. Because those who have seen so far, they raise serious doubts. The problem is that the funding of the education department follows the student and not the teacher.

And although the government increased the subsidy, it is dependent on the number of students, not the teachers. According to Ministry officials, if someone lacks money, it might be a result of wrong policies of personnel – the number of students has decreased, and the jobs of teachers already nie.zobacz also increases for teachers: Instead of the promised 5 percent. get 1.45 percent. Some will continue to earn less than minimum wage »Local government officials concede that this may be a signal for them to” regulate personnel policies “. They even that MEN quietly playing is to reduce the number of teachers. How? This year the number of students in schools run by the counties dropped by approx.

5 percent. This affected the amount of the subsidy and caused lack of money for a raise. – According to the Ministry of Education is not a problem, because the decline in the number of students means the possibility of dismissal of teachers and thereby mobilize the funds for increases for the other – expert evaluates the Association of Polish Counties Gregory Kubalski. But his view is purely a theoretical possibility. – If we look at the micro, the decline in the number of students by 5 percent. means that, statistically, in the branch class numbering 20 students wanes … one. Same branch continue functioning, fully staffed with a teacher – gives Kubalski. Local authorities stress that the situation is complicated – you can not always release the teacher, and also before the election no one wants to take such steps. Another point of dispute is the actual number of teachers. Says Marek Wojcik from the Association of Polish Cities (ZMP), now in the municipal education system, we have approx.

590 thousand. FTE teachers employed under the Charter of the teacher. Meanwhile, the ministry at a recent meeting with local government had to introduce the calculation for only 540 thousand. – Somewhere “evaporated” the 50 thousand. people – say samorządowcy.zobacz also: Salaries of teachers: How to reform the system? »Resort explains to us that the difference stems from the fact that the calculation of the amount of educational subsidies (which are financed by increases among teachers) are taken into account time equivalent educators in institutions run by local governments, and six-time equivalent teachers of children in preschool education.