Zimbabwe readmitted as an ICC member after political interference ban

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Zimbabwe has been readmitted by the International Cricket Council as a member after a ban.
Zimbabwe, who failed to qualify for the World Cup of this year, were suspended in July because of interference from ICC events.
They are qualified to play in the men of Under-19 World Cup in January.
The lifting of the ban comes too late for Fridays 2020 World Twenty20.
It had been agreed in August that they would be replaced by Nigeria in the event.
An ICC statement said the readmission was created after an interview in Dubai involving the Zimbabwe Cricket chairman Tavengwa Mukuhlani and athletics minister Kirsty Coventry.
I want to thank the Zimbabwe sports ministry because of her commitment to the reinstatement of Zimbabwe Cricket, ICC chairman Shashank Manohar stated.
Her desire to work in service of Zimbabwe Cricket was apparent and she has unconditionally complied with the terms laid down by the ICC board.
Zimbabwe, who continued to play with matches during their suspension, continue faced England in an international and havent played a Test.
They are in the ICC Test rankings, 12th in the ODI rankings and 15th from the T20 ranks.
The suspension on the national cricket body of Nepal, imposed to get a similar violation of the ICCs regulations regarding government interference in 2016, has also been raised.
Analysis and opinion by the BBCs cricket correspondent.

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